Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Trust and Faith

What is it about marks and bruises on my body that I really enjoy? Is it the intensity of the play ? The feeling of complete abandonment ? The trust and faith I give to the Dominant as He uses various things on my body, each one designed to make me want more ? Is it the feeling of submission, knowing that I am giving Him something that cannot be taken from me ?

I love the first strike, then as the scene progresses the 'burning' sensation that covers me, and if Master is concentrating on one area the sharp pain which turns to a hot ache as that area is struck repeatedly, yet as i lay there with my eyes closed and my hands bound i have no fear, i know deep inside that He will not hurt me and that sounds really weird as this Man is paddling me and whipping me hard enough to leave welt marks and raised skin, to bring the blood to the surface and almost cause it to flow but fear is never an emotion i think of in association with Him

I have at times made Him so cross that He is in my face shouting and swearing at me, He has banished me from His sight, He has walked away from me to calm Himself down or ignored me for hours on end - yet still i did not fear for my safety.

The faith and trust a slave puts in her Master, regardless of whether she is one who enjoys paddling or not is one of the basic foundations of this lifestyle, she has to trust that He will keep her safe and not hurt her, she has to have faith that even during the hight of play He will be in control enough to know what is enough for her, she is putting her life in His hands and she needs to believe that He will always do His best to protect and guide her, without the basic trust and faith in her Master these simple things become a struggle for the slave, she will have doubts and fears that unless she believes in Him 100% will not leave her and so taint the whole relationship.

People in any form of relationship need these basic foundations, but they are more important in a BDSM M/s relationship as there is an element of 'danger' in the play times, the whips and canes can do real damage to a person and unless you have complete faith in your Master you will not allow yourself the freedom to explore all that this lifestyle can hold.

There are times when things are said and done and that trust and faith is shaken, doubts creep in and confusion takes over but deep down, in the very core of a person there has to be trust, without that there is no moving forward, no growing, no relationship.

Just as important for a submissive to trust the Dominant it is vital that the Dominant trusts the sub - its a two way street. If the Dominant doesn't trust or have faith in the submissive it causes untold problems. If he is one that always looks to her to blame regardless, always sees her as the one in the wrong, prejudging her without cause or question then that trust is missing and that is a step on the road to relationship ruin. Just as a submissive needs to have faith and trust in her Dominant then he also needs to have the same. Its how a relationship works .................

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